A unique ecosystem is being disrupted

The earth has an unique ecosystem. Living parts (animals and plants) and non-living parts (air, water, soil) are part of cycles that are in balance with each other, all driven by energy from the sun.

Such ecosystems are particularly sensitive to human actions. As a result of the depletion of raw materials (renewable and non-renewable sources), pollution (waste, emissions) and damage to the landscape and biodiversity, the internal stability of this ecosystem is increasingly under pressure.

The construction industry is an important player in this regard. To turn the tide, building processes are needed that are environmentally friendly and fully circular. This challenge is not only technical in nature, it also requires a significant change in human behaviour. As such, the construction sector is facing one of the greatest challenges in its history.

GFSC sees it as a challenge to radically change the current building process with a completely new approach so that new products and services are developed and applied that no longer disrupt this unique ecosystem.