The end of the carbon economy

At present, fossil fuels, chemical connections between carbon and hydrogen atoms, are the most important source of energy in the world. They originated millions of years ago from remains of vegetal and animal life. The most famous are oil, gas and coal.

Fossil energy sources have many disadvantages, so extracting them causes a lot of damage to nature and the environment. By burning it, fine dust is released that is bad for our health. In addition, CO2 is released into the air, which undesirably changes the climate.

Fossil fuels are also used in the construction sector. Given the huge size of this sector, it is responsible for no less than 40% of CO2 emissions in the world.

One of the important strategic goals of GFSC is therefore to help the construction indusry to switch from fossil fuels to sustainable energy (sun, wind, water, geothermal heat), in other words to accelerate the energy transition.